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State Championships
- For Games Played November 17th - November 18th, 2011 -
State Championships, 2011
Zach Peissig
RB :: Colby
Rushing Stats for State Championship
Player ATT YDS YDS/A TD - - -
Zach Peissig 17 126 7.41 1 - - -
Rushing Stats for Season
Player ATT YDS YDS/A TD - - -
Zach Peissig 191 1335 6.99 21 - - -
 TD Run: 16yds
 Game Result: Colby 44, Lancaster  43  (F-OT)
Colby capped a brilliant season with one of the most thrilling victories in championship history with their win in overtime 44-43 over Lancaster. Junior running back Zach Peissig led the offensive onslaught by the Hornets in the first half of the D5 final. Relentlessly ripping off long runs, Peissig was the main cog in the Hornets putting up 30 points by halftime. Peissig finished the game with 126 yards on 17 carries but a leg injury limited his play in the second half and also slowed Colby to just one touchdown. But that 16 yard TD run by Peissig was enough to get to overtime against Lancaster. In OT, Lancaster scored first to put on the pressure, but Tyler Meyer went high above a defensive crowd to steal a 25 yard pass in the endzone from Aaron Koerner. Michael Knetter calmly knocked the extra point attempt between the uprights and Colby had another gold ball for the trophy case. Coach Jeff Rosemeyer appears to be loaded again next year with Peissig being the big key as they continue to build on their strong football tradition.
Long Scoring Plays of the Week
Westin Wuethrich Greenwood / Granton 79yds
Josh Harlander Greenwood / Granton 52yds
Tyler Ledbeter Somerset 48yds
Hayden Hinker Greenwood / Granton 47yds
Josh Harlander Greenwood / Granton 44yds
Hayden Hinker Greenwood / Granton 32yds
Michael Cliver Colby 23yds
Tyler Ledbeter Somerset 23yds
Tyler Meyer Colby 25yds
- - -
Top Offensive Performances of the Week
Josh Harlander | Greenwood/G. | 17 att., 167yds, 2TDs
Hayden Hinker | Greenwood/G. | 16 att., 152yds, 2TDs
Zach Peissig | Colby | 17 att., 126yds, 1TD
Tyler Ledbeter | Somerset | 17 att., 113yds, 2TDs
Westin Wuethrich | Greenwood/G. | 3 att., 73yds, 1TD
Aaron Koerner | Colby | 4-13, 81yds, 1TD
Tyler Meyer | Colby | 2 rec., 39yds, 1TD
Michael Cliver | Colby | 1 rec., 35yds