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Level 2 Playoffs
For Games Played October 27th - October 28th
Level 2 Playoffs, 2017
Brady Redwine
RB  ::  Elk Mound
Rushing Stats for Level 2
Player ATT YDS YDS/A TD - - -
Brady Redwine 35 338 9.66 4 - - -
Rushing Stats for Season
Player ATT YDS YDS/A TD - - -
Brady Redwine 303 2424 8.00 35 - - -
 TD Runs (Level 2) :: 75yds, 55yds, 7yds & 3yds
 Game Result: Elk Mound 33, Chetek - Weyerhaeuser 6
In Week 1, Elk Mound traveled to Chetek-Weyerhaeuser and lost 20-6. A rocky start for the Mounders but a glimpse of what was to come as RB Brady Redwine ran for 174 yards and 1 TD. Switch to week 11 and we found the Bulldogs on the road playing Elk Mound in a Level 2 playoff game. With the weather being a mix of rain and snow, being able to run the football was imperative to winning. Elk Mound's game plan was to handoff to Redwine, pitch to Redwine and then block for Redwine. Like a boxer taking punches, the Bulldogs did their best to contain Redwine in the first quarter but when the second quarter came so did the knockout blows. Two long touchdown runs of 55 and 75 yards broke things open and an 11 play drive to start the third quarter, all Redwine of course, put C-W down for the count. The Mounder halfback finished the game with 338 yards on 35 carries and 4 TDs. His season totals are now at a state leading 2424 yards rushing and 35 touchdowns. Next up for Elk Mound is an undefeated Grantsburg team with an equally talented 2000 yard running back in John Chenal. Redwine will have to deliver again if the Mounders are to advance.
Long Scoring Plays of the Week
John Chenal Grantsburg 78yds
Brady Redwine Elk Mound 75yds
Caleb Ruf Bloomer 68yds
Leo Chenal Grantsburg 68yds
Cal Rosen Clear Lake 55yds
Brady Redwine Elk Mound 55yds
Joe Aquilera Abbotsford 52yds
Cal Rosen Clear Lake 48yds
Hunter Luepke Spencer / Columbus 46yds
Justin Evans Menomonie 26yds
Billy Brown Rice Lake 21yds
Justin Evans Menomonie 21yds
Josh Biesterveld Durand 48yds
Jacob Salonek Eau Claire Regis 20yds
Hunter Luepke Spencer / Columbus 85yd
Alec Fischer St. Croix Central 71yd
Int Rtn
Top Offensive Performances of the Week
Brady Redwine | Elk Mound | 35 att., 338yds, 4TDs
John Chenal | Grantsburg | 26 att., 246yds, 3TDs
Justin Evans | Menomonie | 35 att., 187yds, 4TDs
Daymond Bad Horse | Clear Lake | 24 att., 175yds, 1TD
Caleb Ruf | Bloomer | 24 att., 164yds, 2TDs
Cal Rosen | Clear Lake | 8 att., 158yds, 3TDs
Joe Aguilera | Abbotsford | 22 att., 153yds, 1TD
Hunter Luepke | Spencer/Columbus | 17 att., 146yds, 2TDs
Hunter Houde | Unity | 31 att., 133yds, 3TDs
Andrew Root | EC Regis | 15 att., 132yds, 2TDs
Zach Ruf | Bloomer | 23 att., 129yds, 1TD
Ean Rau | Abbotsford | 22 att., 107yds, 1TD
Daniel Chuchwar | Chetek-Weyer. | 24 att., 102yds, 1TD
Brandon Sutton | Rice Lake | 15 att., 95yds, 3TDs
TJ Tulip | Durand | 9-14, 110yds, 1TD
Josh Biesterveld | Durand | 3 rec., 69yds, 1TD