Football Stats will be compiled & posted on a weekly basis throughout the regular season.
New / Updated Stats will be compiled & posted after all of the scores & stats from every game played that week are received.
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2023 Football Stats Home
Score Rankings
A Ranking Of Every Football Team In West Wisconsin Based On:
• Points Scored Overall
• Points Allowed Overall
• Point Differential (Avg. Points Scored Per Game - Avg. Points Allowed Per Game)
Score Trends
A look at the average points scored and points allowed per game for each 3 game period over the regular 9 game season. Comparisons show any trends in points scored and/or allowed over the course of the season for each team.
Team Win/Loss Streak
A Week by Week look at each teams individual Win or Loss Streak during the regular season. Page will list each team in West Wisconsin by Conference with their result for each week, including scores.
Home & Away
A break-down of each West Wisconsin teams Home & Away record along with the Average Points Scored and Allowed for games on the road and at home.
Conference Points Comparison
Overall Points Scored and Average Points Per Game compiled and broken down by each Conference in West Wisconsin. For further comparison, a West Wisconsin Average is also provided.
Individual Top 10 Stats:  Passing   |  Rushing   |  Receiving
A Top 10 look at individual football stats from West Wisconsin. Including:
Top 10 Passing - (Comp/Attempts, Yards, Avg. per Completion, and TDs)
Top 10 Rushing - (Att-Yards, Avg. per Rush, and TDs)
Top 10 Receiving - (Att-Yards, Avg. per Reception, and TDs)